Suites of Spectra

A suite in the X-ray Absorption Data Library is a simple and flexible way to organize multiple spectra. In essence, a suite is just the name of a tag that is associated with some spectra. A suite can be applied to any number of spectrum and a spectrum can be in any number of suites. It is most natural to think of a suite as containing several spectra.

Each suite will be “owned” by the person who created it. Only the owner can add or delete spectra from that suite. While each spectrum also has a user associated with it, a suite is not limited to include spectra associated with the owner of the suite – any spectrum can be in any suite. Suites have both a name and a longer description. We encourage owners of a suite to use the description field to give a brief explanation of the grouping.

Anyone who is logged in - including the owner of the suite - will be able to give a rating and review of a suite.