Reporting EXAFS Analysis

This page is meant to help with the difficult chore of choosing the information to present in a manuscript describing XAFS Analysis. There is not one prescription that will work for all applications of analysis hence I envision this page will contain two main sections. The first section includes the information that is needed for most common applications of XAFS analysis were a table of EXAFS results are presented. The second section will include variations to the first section as required by different applications.

Common mistakes in EXAFS analysis papers are shown here Common_Mistakes

Reporting XAFS Analysis with a Table of Results

A level of detail in the presentation of EXAFS analysis is expected when the spectra have been processed to the extent of presenting a table of results.

Data Collection Information

This section lists the data collection parmaters that should be reported in a manuscript were a table of EXAFS results are included.

XAFS Analysis Information


Variations for Specific Analysis Procedures



Variations for Specific Data Collection Procedures

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Variations for Special Publications with page limits (The bare bones)

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