IXS Subcommittee on Standards and Criteria

D.C. Koningsberger, Chair

Purpose: The development and dissemination of standards and criteria for the XAFS community is one of the most important activities of the IXS. This subcommittee will continue the work begun by the two workshops on Standards and Criteria to study the applicabilit y of theoretical calculations for both the extended and near edge structure to the analysis of experimental data, to develop criteria for data analysis and for synchrotron beam lines which make XAFS measurements, to devel op and disseminate a checklist for authors and referees and to work with the Education and Dissemination Subcommittee in promoting the standards and criteria.

Proposed membership:
Rehr, US
Binstead, UK
Gurnman, UK
Krill, FR
Italian Group
Nomura, JPN
Heald, US
Arvanitis, Sweden
Dobson, UK
Tourillon, FR
Kruizinga, NL

Specific short-term initiatives:

- To continue the comparisons with thoeretically calculated spectra with experiment with emphasis on high Z absorbers and low Z scattereres;

- To develop standards and criteria for beamline; and,

To prepare papers and a report on these activities for the Berlin Conference.

Operational plan and resources needed: During this next year the committee will work in sub-groups to study their particualr areas and prepare reports for the next conference. In general, the S&C committee will try to meet once as a group between the XAFS International Conference. This will cost about $15, 000 per year to support.

Contact Information:

D.C. Koningsberger
Debye Institute
Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis
Utrecht University
P.O. Box 80083, 3508 TB Utrecht
The Netherlands
tel: (31) 30 536766 or 537400FAX: (31) 30 511027
E-mail: kberger@chem.ruu.nl